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Peter is a freelance consulting horticulturalist, totally independent and not aligned to any commercial company or products, but proud to be professionally associated with Beyond Gardens, Great Gardens and the Horticultural Media Association.

It doesn't matter if you have a commercial property, hobby farm or backyard garden, your desired result is always the same - a rewarding success that is sustainable, as well as cost and time efficient. The foundation for this success is 'growth through knowledge'.

How I can assist you:

* Reacting to frost damage on plants - - do very little! Here is an article I did some years ago - read it here

* Pruning & fruit care videos - .Click on the 'Video Clips' menu button. (thanks to Peter Hipe for the filming & editing).

* Assessing soils - - here is a great little guide from NSW - read it here

* All about Zeolite - - the forgotten soil amendment. I was commissioned to research the use of zeolite -

* 'Zeolite at a glance'; 'Zeolite - a technical summary'; and 'Zeolite - abstracts, citations & references'

* Growing fruit trees in pots - I have completed my three part video series. The first is on the size & type of pots (click to watch), the second is about the soil/potting mix (click to watch) and the third shows planting & establishment of the new trees (click to watch)